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Sim… eu sou sagitário <3 ñ q acha a vingança uma solução mas… ñ gosto k ninguém me pise por isso…………  bem…. ninguém é perfeito néeh ;)

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Picture Quote Of The Day.
If everything we did came from a place of Love, the world would be a better place. Be the change you wish to see..

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The Sephora Glossy counts down the highlights of the reformulated, cult-classic luminizing pearls.

When it comes to subtle brilliance, the whole rainbow is greater than the sum of its parts. “Light is broken down into the colors of the rainbow,” Guerlain Marketing Manager Lorane Knysz explains. “Once they are reunited on the face, they become pure light once more.” This concept behind the brand’s newly redeveloped version of its famous colored powder pearls is the guiding light towards dewy, glowing skin. Here, Knysz sheds light on the iconic radiant powder—by the numbers. RENEE TRILIVAS

234: Years ago the packaging inspiration—a jewellery box for the Queen of France—was created. 

186: Years since Guerlain beauty first launched.
“[As] a symbol of audacious luxury and absolute quality, [Guerlain] supplied the royal and imperial courts’ ravishing European princesses with the most precious perfumes and beauty products.”

27: Years ago the first Météorites powder pearls were created.
“For the first time ever, loose powder was fashioned in the form of perfectly round and extraordinarily soft multi-coloured pearls with an inimitable violet fragrance.”

25: Approximate number of pearls in each tin with 12 different colors total, edited into three color combinations.
“When white light passes through a prism, it separates into a spectrum of different colors. Inversely, all of these colors together recreate ideal light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. Guerlain decided to use this technology to add dazzling radiance with unrivalled purity to women’s faces. A constellation made up of multi-coloured lights, Météorites envelop the skin in absolute radiance.”

18: Months it took to redevelop the Météorites formula.
“Women are looking for weightless textures with color-correcting and perfecting benefits. The formula includes the new Stardust technology—a pigment encapsulating a diamond powder—which diffracts the light so that skin’s radiance is instantly boosted.”

4: People in the entire world who know how to make Guerlain powder pearls.

2: Number of years it takes to train each one.

1: Sweep—in a “G” shape, appropriately—for instant radiance.





Guerlain / Météorites Powder For The Face


You will need: bobby pins, 2 small ponytail elastics, a comb.

  1. Start by adding a little wave to your hair. Wand waves are great for this! Here we used this wand by TiGi which is only around $30!
  2. Next put your hair half up, separating into 2 small ponytails right next to each other.
  3. Now twist the right ponytail in a downward motion and slide a bobby pin into the base near the ponytail holder. This will keep it anchored as you twist.
  4. Next, wrap the ponytail up and over as you see in photo 4 to create the top of the heart. Keep twirling in the same direction.
  5. Add bobby pins to these 3 places.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Add one more bobby pin at the bottom of the heart for extra security.

Tutorial by thebeautydepartment.com

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Taaaaaaaaaaaão fofooos!!!……. traz-me recordações preciosas <3

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